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in the Old Customs House

Our spa entrance of the wooded area adapted sauna is open from 16:00 bis 21:00 clock clock and is chargeable. After complete transformation of the former sauna area, a new exclusive spa area over 140 square meters has been created. The overall design was designed according to the criteria to bring soul and mind in harmony with nature. 4 different saunas await our guests:

Himalayan rock salt sauna
Finnish Sauna
Herbal Steam Sauna
Hay infrared sauna

In addition, a heat bank with a foot bath and a beautifully landscaped quiet room. Particular attention should be designed in the form of infrared horse stalls hay, which can

be the visit a memorable one. Let enchant your senses from the particular colors of the crystals in the salt stone sauna. The indirect lighting gives the spa a special atmosphere.



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