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Pizzeria in Saxonia

Our own brick-oven pizzeria

Pizzeria a highlight of our dining facilities is certainly our pizzeria with original Italian stone oven!

The Pizzeria is open daily – except Mondays and Tuesdays – open for you! Guests can also order your pizza and take it home. In this case, please call us at: 035057 / 540

Giovanni, the pizza chef from Sicily, bakes still in the old tradition in wood-burning stoves, lovingly and with characteristic flavor makes our wood oven pizza unmistakable.

Stone Oven Pizza Pizzeria us know today was invented by the Neapolitans. Towards the end of the 17th Century was first baked a flat bread with tomatoes edition in Naples. The baker thought with time always new variations of. In 1830, opened the first „Pizza“ in Naples and the pizza came their campaign wins the whole world. Classics like the Margherita pizza are now known and loved worldwide.

A resourceful pizza delivered in 1889 the first pizza to the court of King Umberto and Queen Margherita of Savozen and thus was the first pizza delivery service.

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