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Art in the room

Art in the room

“I would like the room with Mr Funk.” Welch unusual words but the new guests at Landhotel “Altes Zollhaus” now use the reservation.
This enchanting hotel that previously skiers and seminar guests from around the world offers a relaxing accommodation, now invites artists … known, and those who want to become one, to perpetuate themselves in the individual rooms. A room with beautiful artwork features provides a very special atmosphere, where you can dive into another world. Relax, for example in an Italian setting in dreamy location or try the scent of the Icelandic landscape a Dutch artist to catch.

Ask us. Like your art before or book a unique room for your dreams

The first Art room is dedicated to Mr. Eckhard radio. He was born in 1944 in Königsberg and creates enchanting watercolors, such as the Canal of Venice.

Experience art in the Customs House or perpetuate yourself in our rooms.

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