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Infrared Hay Sauna

Infrared Hay Sauna – 30 – 40 ° C.

A very special experience for the senses you perceive by the combination of infrared heat radiation and hay.

Infrared Hay SaunaThe bath time is approximately 20 – 30 minutes. It should not be seen directly in the spotlight. If this is unavoidable, wear a Schutzbrille.Danach can keep you warm shower and rest with a blanket at least 30 minutes.

Surrounded by fresh hay harvested from the hotel’s own herb meadows, feel the effect of the hay has been known for centuries.

Dried hay is free of synthetic additives. The gentle warming valuable ingredients of hay Heubadand can be freely their healing effects and bile entfalten.Leber be reassured. By the deep infrared radiation metabolism and circulation are stimulated, the lymphatics dilate and mild sweating is adjusted. Positive effects can be achieved with muscle spasms, joint pain and rheumatism.

Very suitable for athletes to warm up the muscles.

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