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Herbal Smoke Sauna

herbal smoke Sauna, a very special sauna!

herbal smoke Sauna, herb sauna lined with pine wood – about 65 ° C.

Herbal Smoke SaunaThe bath time is approximately 15 minutes. Then the cold water application and a subsequent rest period of at least 15 minutes is.

The interaction of heat and moisture stimulates the blood circulation and cleanses the skin and respiratory system thoroughly and gently.

In herbal smoke sauna is an intense sweating feeling obtained. Stress is reduced. The herbal scent mixes with the essential oils of pine.

Due to the exceptionally positive qualities of pine, which can be found among others in the high mountains of the Austrian Alps, well-being and health are encouraged and promoted. The sauna is made ​​of pine wood, which is very unusual for a steam bath, creating a special procedure was angwant to protect the wood for moisture.

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