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Heat Bench

Heat Bench with foot basin

The surface of the heat is brought to a temperature of about 38 °. The heat Bank promotes blood circulation, without burdening the circulation, calms the nervous system, is used for stress reduction and relaxation. The dwell time is unlimited here.

Heat BenchA two warm foot bath, the heat balance of the body improves the circulation strengthens and stabilizes the nervous system creates for cold feet, tired legs, low blood pressure or insomnia remedy. Along with the rest belonging to the therapy, it also prevents cardiovascular diseases. After cooling, following a visit to a sauna or steam bath 40 ° C is recommended warm foot bath. By the temperature stimulus during immersion of the feet in warm water, the blood vessels in the skin to be extended over the entire body.

WarmebankThe pent-up inside the body heat can be derived through the skin and a pleasant feeling of warmth is adjusted. A subsequent sweating during the idle phase can be prevented and the body cools down by this support in a gentle way themselves.

A tingling sensation on the skin can provide an additional massage function by means of air bubbles. A warm foot bath takes about 10 to 20 minutes, but should only be done as long as it allows one’s own well-being. The foot bath, you can enjoy sitting on a heated bench, seating element with just the right temperature surface in the seat and back.

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