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Yahia Alselo

Ausstellung Yahia Alselo

My motto: I love and live my job

The exhibition ended on 05.02.2018

As a young man, I studied from 1985 – 1988 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Aleppo / Syria with a specialization in sculpture and painting and acquired the artist’s diploma. In 2008, I fled Syria as a politically persecuted man and fortunately in Germany was able to gain a foothold.

When I came to Germany, I was fascinated by the great buildings and their colors by day and by night, as well as natural motifs from the rich flora and fauna. Landscapes have moved me as well as friendly and relaxed faces of the passers-by and persons whom I was allowed to meet.

As a caricaturist , I portray thoughts, feelings, facial expressions and gestures, situations, circumstances, conversations even without words in picture stories and caricatures. Children’s fun makes me particularly happy.

Ausstellung Yahia Alselo

Painter / Caricaturist / Author

BBK Kunstforum (Federal Association of Visual Artists)
IGBK International Society of Fine Arts

From 1988 to 2015 regular international exhibitions Middle East to Europe

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